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  • Flash Brew Guide

    September 08, 2022 1 min read

    Flash Brew Guide James Coffee Co.


    @jamescoffeeco Happy Flash Brew Friday! 🤗 #jamescoffeeco ♬ original sound - James Coffee Co.

    1. WEIGH

    First you'll need to weigh out 100 grams of ice into your carafe.

    2. GRIND

    Next, you'll want 25 grams of ground coffee, slightly finer than what you'd grind for a pour over. We'll be using our new Bumba Hill Burundi since it resembles notes of honeydew and citrus.

    3. BREW

    Now we're going to start our brew with 60 grams of water for a 45 second bloom. At 45 seconds, we're going to brew to 170 grams and pause. At a minute and 20 seconds, we'll do our final pour to 250 grams.

    4. SERVE

    Once the ice is melted, your brew is ready to serve. Give it a good swish in your carafe, pour over an ice cold glass and enjoy black or add your milk of choice. That's how you make a flash brew. Enjoy!