Instead of serving our to-go drinks in disposable paper and plastic cups, we will be offering a 100% recyclable and reusable jar with a koozie for a minimal deposit of $1.50. You can bring in your used jar with koozie and there will be a clean one waiting for you, or you can return it and get your deposit back.


When you first visit James Coffee Company in 2021, you will be putting down a small deposit for your first glass to-go set! This set will include a 12oz or 16oz jar (depending on your drink of choice), a koozie, and a metal lid. Your drink will be made and served to you in this set, which is now yours to take home! Enjoy your drink, wash, and reuse your jar as you see fit. 

On your next visit, be sure to bring your clean/rinsed set with you, and you won’t be required to pay a new deposit. Instead, you will drop your glass jar into the jar return bins, keeping your koozie and lid for your next drink. Place your order with our baristas, letting them know you are returning your glass, and they will prepare your new drink in a fresh, sanitized jar. Repeat this process every time you visit, and you will help our glass to-go program stay sustainable. 

Cleaning and Sanitizing Procedure
Once your jar is dropped in one of our jar return bins, a barista will collect, rinse, wash, and sanitize every glass jar before it returns to circulation. Please note that jars that are moldy or still have leftover drinks in them will not be accepted, and a new deposit will be required for a new drink.

Lose or Replace
If at any point you lose a component of your set, or simply want to freshen up your koozie or lid, you are welcome to buy each component individually as well. Just ask our baristas and they will happily swap in a fresh lid or koozie for you. Please note that glass jars and lids are dishwasher safe, and koozies are easy to wash along with your regular laundry!  

Order Ahead
All orders placed on the James Coffee app will automatically include the price of the deposit in your total. Return your set to any of our locations during business hours to receive your deposit refund.

If at any point you simply want your deposit back, please return your full set(s) to any of our locations, and a barista will gladly issue you one full deposit refund per set.