the Brothers


We make small batch coffee by hand for people who make things by hand.


We started as two brothers working in a metal shop. Making things. Fixing our motorcycles. One went off to be a musician. The other went off to be an underwater welder.

One thing brought us back together—coffee.

We came back to that same metal shop in Poway to try roasting coffee. The summers were hot, but the coffee was unlike anything we had ever tasted.

One brother's girlfriend, now wife, tasted it and emphatically agreed. She’d just come from Indonesia, had a business degree, and saw what could be—personal relationships with producers. Producers who shared the goal of small-batch coffee brewed with a depth of flavor approaching perfection.

We named James Coffee after our father. We are a family-first business hand-built in San Diego.

Thank you for being here.
David & Jacob