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  • A Summer for Strawberries, and Coffee!

    June 18, 2022 2 min read

    A Summer for Strawberries, and Coffee! James Coffee Co.


    strawberry-latte-james-coffee strawberry-soda-james-coffee

    First we have a Strawberry Soda. Just some strawberry syrupand Topo Chico mineral water. We love this brand because of all the bubbles and fizz! If you decide to make this tasty treat, carefully mix the ingredients so the drink doesn’t fizz too much and create a sticky strawberry mess. Have some fun and add a little condensed milk or your favorite dairy alternative to make aStrawberry Cream Soda!


    Next up, the Strawberry Latte. A natural thought to pair coffee and strawberries right? Turns out, it’s awesome. When making this particular strawberry beverage, be sure to steer clear of any dairy. We tried our go-to dairy option but the strawberry, whole-milk, and coffee combo didn’t work out so well. After a lot of trial and error, the team decided oat milk works best for this drink which is now a summertime staple in our shops!


    Come swing by any of our cafes, if you can, and indulge in these tasty creations. If not, stop reading right now and go make one! Trust, you’ll thank us later.

    Little Italy


    Bankers Hill


    North Park


    **Best enjoyed amongst friends or solo with a healthy dose of sunshine.**

    Strawberry Syrup; makes 1 liter


    - 800g strawberries - stems removed
    - 400g brown sugar
    - 200g hot water


    1. Combine ingredients in blender or food processor
    2. Blend well; strain through a cheesecloth or very fine mesh filter

    Strawberry Soda


    - 2oz Strawberry Syrup
    - Topo Chico
    - Lime wedge
    - Fresh mint


    1. Fill your favorite 16oz glasswith ice to the top.
    2. Add 2oz of strawberry syrup to your ice filled cup.
    3. Carefully add Topo Chico or your favorite sparkling water. Pour to the top.
    4. Mix ingredients well. Go slow so the drink won’t fizz over!
    5. Squeeze lime wedge over top of drink. Slap mint leaf to release the aromas and garnish on top. Enjoy!

    Strawberry Cream Soda


    - 2oz strawberry syrup
    - 1/5oz condensed milk
    - Topo Chico
    - Freeze dried strawberries; optional for garnish


    1. Fill a 16oz glasswith ice to the top.
    2. Add 2oz of strawberry syrup to your ice filled glass.
    3. Next, add ½ oz of condensed milk or dairy alternative (we love oat milk for this).
    4. Carefully pour Topo Chico or sparkling water to top.
    5. Mix well. Slowly so the drink won’t fizz over. Top with freeze dried strawberries


    Strawberry Latte (Hot or Iced)


    - 2oz strawberry syrup
    - Oat milk
    - Fresh mint
    - 2ozCoffee
    - Freeze dried strawberry


    1. Make coffee. We like to use our Night Owlblend and make it into espresso.***
    2. Add coffee to your favorite cup (16oz for iced, 12oz for hot).
    3. Add oat milk (if making a hot drink, make sure the milk is hot/steamed!) and pour over the coffee until the cup is full.
    4. Slap mint leaf and garnish the top of the drink. Sprinkle freeze dried strawberries on top. Enjoy!

    ***Any brew method will work. Just make sure it’s strong enough so the coffee flavor won’t get lost in the milk and strawberry syrup.***