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  • Mexico Chiapas "El Jaguar"


    12oz Bag

    Type: Arabica

    Varieties: Catuai, Bourbon, Caturra 

    Processing: Washed, Sun-Dried 

    Region: Chiapas

    Growing Altitude: 1250 - 1350m

    Chocolate, Grapefruit, Apricot

    Siltepec is located in the center of Chiapas, and Siltepec El Jaguar comes from the high-altitude area of the Sierra Madre, bordering the biosphere reserve El Trifuno, which is the habitat of an Endemic Bird Area, “El Quetzal.” This ecological region represents 30 percent of the flora in all of the Chiapas territory.

    The microclimate in this region creates a cloud forest, due the Soconuscu rainforest zone around the Novillero River. The weather is humid with lots of shade, cool conditions at night and excellent soil, which together create a perfect environment for the development of specialty coffee.

    This coffee comes from a group of small producers who are involved in the NKG BLOOM initiative. The beans were harvested and processed by hand, then de-pulped, fermented, washed and finally dried in the sun.

    NKG export company Exportadora de Café California (ECC) created Por Más Café in 2014, to address the coffee rust crisis. Since then, 4,520 producers have benefitted from the program, more than 5,300 hectares of coffee have been renovated, $11.2 million U.S. has been offered in financing and more than $34 million has been invested in farm renovations.

    Por Más Café is now part of NKG BLOOM, an effort to end poverty in the coffee supply chain by empowering producers to run their farms at full potential. NKG BLOOM offers producers custom service packages that may include financing, high-quality inputs, seedlings, agronomy and business training, information services, access to markets and new coffee technologies.