at James Coffee Co.


Big positive changes are happening around the world - disposable straws, bottled water, plastic bags and disposable cups are being banned. As a roaster and cafe, we deal with a large amount of waste on a daily basis and our big resolution of 2020 was to find a way to reduce this waste. Following the footsteps of other early adaptor coffee shops around the world, we are offering a jar exchange program in all of our locations starting January 1st, 2021 and use recyclable packaging for our coffee.


1. Most paper cups have polyurethane which makes composting or recycling them virtually impossible.

2. Only about 1% of disposable cups are recycled.

3. 58 billion paper cups are tossed out annually in the U.S. alone.

4. 12 billion gallons of water are used annually to create paper cups.

5. 20 million trees are cut down a year in regions of Brazil and Russia to meet demand of paper cups.

6. 8 trillion pieces of plastic are dumped into the world's oceans annually.

7. 91% of all plastic goes unrecycled.

8. Most of the plastic used in the world today is for single use items.

9. If you buy just one cup of coffee or tea in a disposable cup each day, in one year you will have created 23 lb’s of waste.

10. Consumer waste has increased over the last 20th century from 40 kg to 560 kg per person per year.


We believe in the power of cultural influence and a belief that everyday choices can make an impact. Did you know that it takes 25 percent of people in a group to create a tipping point where the entire group will follow suit? "When a community is close to a tipping point to cause large-scale social change, there’s no way they would know this. […] But remarkably, just adding one more person, and getting above the 25 percent tipping point, their efforts can have rapid success in changing the entire population’s opinion." (Read the Research here.)

Do YOU want to be that one person to create the tipping point?