At James Coffee Company, it is our ongoing objective to leverage our position as a buyer and consumer in order to further the coffee industry's collective progress towards sustainable practice.


Rinse filter, add 24g of coffee ground at a medium/fine setting, start timer and add 60g of 200° water, allow to bloom for 30sec, in a circular pattern pour at a rate that the scale reads 360g at 1min 45sec. Should finish between 2:30 and 3:00.


34g of coarsely ground coffee, start timer and pour 80g of 200° water over coffee, continue to pour until scale reads 400g, stir then steep until 3min and slowly press filter down, serve immediately.


Invert AeroPress on scale, pre-wet filter, add 16g of coffee ground at medium setting, start timer add 240g of 200° water, let steep for 1min 45sec, flip AeroPress and slowly plunge into cup.


Using a 16 to 1 ratio determine how many grams of water will be used to brew coffee and divide by 16, grind that amount of coffee at a medium/fine setting, add to brew basket, begin brewing.


Rinse filter, add 48g of coffee ground at a medium/coarse setting, start timer, add 100g of 200° water to pre-wet coffee, allow to bloom for 45sec, stir in a circular pattern, continue to pour water until scale reads 720g, stir, 4min 30sec finish time.


Add 18g of finely ground coffee to the portafilter, evenly tamp, the correct combination of both will allow you to yield 26-28g of espresso in 25 sec.