$ 21.00

12oz Bag

Type: Arabica

Varieties: Catuai

Processing: Natural and Sun Dried

Region: Tarrazu


Pineapple, Raisin, Clean Finish


Located in the coffee farming regions of Tarrazu, the community is run economically and socially through coffee. We started our family project since 21 years ago and spent the past 5 years focused on producing better quality while allowing our coffee to differentiate itself in the cup. With this goal in mind in 2019, we started our micro-mill, Microbeneficio Abuelos Cafe, along with our own brand of coffee, Blue Sunrise Coffee.
Through the unsustainable economic situations that persisted, we continued to work in coffee production. However, we decided to do it in a way that’s more directly connected to the final clients, offering them better product, better quality, and guaranteeing traceability. Previously, we were harvesting coffee and selling to mills in cherries form. We started with a small lot of first harvest at our micro-mill. It was challenging to find clients. We had to put in a lot of work and be patient throughout the process. With constant self-education, training, and together, in our second year onwards, we were able to sell two micro lots. And with that, in this third year of running the mill, we are processing about 30% of our entire coffee harvest. It’s been really challenging to execute all the processes involved in achieving the quality standard that we want from selecting, harvest and milling the coffees. However, we have not stopped growing, and learning each harvest to improve our work, quality and offer better product to the market.
We are a family business consisting of five people - Kamila, Emmanuel, Gustavo, Adolfo and Seilyn, who are all integral parts of the business. The ones that are directly responsible for everything that happen at the mill level, are 100% women - the mother (Seilyn) and the daughter (Kamila).
We envision continuing to do a quality job, growing professionally and personally, and to be reaching you — our customers who are there reading this and feeling a part of this story. I can assure you that thanks to each of you buying our product, you create an unimaginable butterfly effect. You impact our lives, the people that we are with, our families and all of this not only economically, but also more holistically. Because when we achieve a better quality of life, we grow integrally.