Kalita Pourover How-To

Always wanted to learn how to make a pourover? Let's get brewing!

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A Guide to Cold Brew

Recommended items: French press Scale Grinder Start with coffee ground at a medium grind (Slightly finer than what you would use for a french press.) Pour 112g (3.95oz) of ground coffee into your french press or other container. Add 560g (19.75oz) room temperature filtered water making sure to wet all...

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A Guide to a V60 Pour Over

Step by step process on how to use the pour over method with a Hario V60 Formula for a 12 fluid-ounce cup of coffee: 24 grams (or two level Hario scoops) of drip ground coffee, 390 grams (or 13.7 fl-oz) of water at a temperature of 198 – 202oF, just...

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