Myth Buster: Dark roast is stronger than light roasted coffee

March 11, 2023 2 min read

Myth Buster: Dark roast is stronger than light roasted coffee James Coffee Co.

Alright, coffee lovers, we need to settle something once and for all: is dark roast really stronger than light roast? The answer, my friends, is a resounding NO. When it comes to flavor, light roast coffee is where it's at.

Here's the deal. Dark roast coffee is roasted longer and at a higher temperature than light roast coffee. This process results in the beans taking on a darker color and a more intense, smoky flavor. But guess what? That intense flavor can actually mask the unique taste of the beans themselves. It's like putting ketchup on a steak - why cover up the delicious flavor with a bunch of overpowering sauce?

Light roast coffee, on the other hand, is roasted for a shorter time at a lower temperature. This gentle roast brings out the subtle flavors and aromas of the beans, giving you a cup of coffee that's bursting with unique taste notes. It's like taking a bite of a perfectly ripe peach - you savor every little nuance of the fruit's natural sweetness.

Some of the world's top coffee roasters know that light roast is where it's at. They carefully select their beans based on factors like country of origin, altitude, and soil type, and then use a light roast to showcase the unique flavor profile of each batch. It's like a symphony of taste in your mouth.

Of course, everyone's taste buds are different. Some people prefer the bold, intense flavor of a dark roast, and that's totally fine. But if you're looking for a coffee that's got a little something extra going on in the flavor department, give light roast a try. Your taste buds will thank you.