• kenya aa rungeto karimikui 12 oz bag james coffee co
  • kenya aa rungeto karimikui 12 oz bag james coffee co
James Coffee Co.
Kenya AA "Rungeto Karimikui"
$ 17.00
  • 12oz Bag

    Type: Arabica

    Varieties: SL-28 & SL-34 (Kenyan hybrids)

    Processing: Fully washed and sun dried

    Region: Kirinyaga

    Growing Altitude: 1700-1800m

  • This sweet, complex cup launches with caramel, Dutch chocolate, and orange peel notes before heading into vanilla, grape, and berry. Refined yet lively, citrus acidity and velvety, round body create an elegant profile with honey, mulling spice, and mango showing up in the finish.

  • Though bordered on the north by Ethiopia (considered the birthplace of coffee), this important crop didn’t come on the scene in Kenya until 1893, when missionaries to the region brought coffee trees from Réunion Island, (previously called Bourbon). From the mission’s farms near Nairobi, coffee cultivation found the red-orange, loamy soil on the flanks of volcanic Mt. Kenya and flourished. Here the equatorial climate, higher altitude, and frequent rainfall of the Kirinyaga region results in coffees distinctive for intense vibrant flavor, complexity, and character.

    Kirinyaga has both smallholders and medium-sized farms, some of which have their own processing equipment. For those that don’t, wet mills are accessible at local cooperative sites. Co-op member farmers can utilize any mill they choose, and unlike many coffee producing nations, Kenya’s traditional auction system rewards higher quality with higher prices, creating incentive for excellence both in coffee cultivation and processing.

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