• Kalita 185 Dripper
  • Kalita 185 Dripper
Kalita 185 Dripper
$ 35.95
  • The Kalita 185 Glass Dripper is made from heat resistant glass and is ideal for brewing 16 to 26 oz of coffee.

    The Kalita wave dripper has a unique design, with a flat bottom and three small extraction holes which ensures a clean, rich and evenly extracted cup.

    The Kalita Glass Server is the perfect companion to this Dripper.

  • Kalita was established in 1958 in Tokyo and have since expanded from their beginnings as a manufacturer of paper coffee filters, to a full-line manufacturer of professional coffee preparation tools. The Kalita Wave Dripper brings an innovative approach to the pour over process with its unique flat bottom, three hole design. Kalita has long been a favorite in Japan, but has only recently been introduced to the US market.

Learn how to make a pour over with the Kalita Dripper and Server:


Too fast? Check out our detailed how to in our Kalita Pourover Guide

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