Honduras Santa Barbara "El Ocotillo"

$ 19.00

  • 12oz Bag

    Type: Arabica

    Varieties: Pacas

    Processing: Washed and patio dried

    Region: Santa Barbara

    Growing Altitude: 1720m

  • Brown Sugar, Nectarine, Peach

  • Ismael was born in El Ocotillo and his father grew vegetables and basic grains there. When was 12 years old his father started to plant coffee and learn about agronomic management. In 2007 his father started to prepared specialty coffee after his uncle won first place in the cup of excellence in 2006.

    When Ismael was 22 years old, his father gave him a plot of land and he started to planted and produce coffee. Ismael has always put together his coffee with his father, but this year he decided to separate his coffee and sell it as an individual micro-lot.