• Ethiopia "Ayehu" RFA
  • Ethiopia "Ayehu" RFA
  • Ethiopia "Ayehu" RFA
  • Ethiopia "Ayehu" RFA
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Ethiopia "Ayehu" RFA
$ 18.00
  • 12oz Bag

    Type: Arabica

    Varieties: Wild Ethiopian Varieties

    Processing: Natural

    Region: Awi Zone, Amhara Region

    Growing Altitude: 1600-1700m

  • Sweet red berry, caramel, clean, juicy, dark chocolate.

  • The Ayehu coffee farm is located in Western Gojam, Amhara about 500 km from Addis Ababa. So far 200 hectares are currently undergoing cultivation, but the farm has planned to expand its production to 500 hectares over the next few years. Coffee from the Ayehu farm is considered to be some of the best highland coffee produced in Ethiopia. It has unique aroma, distinct blueberry and blackberry notes, and a rich creamy body.

    The parent company of the Ayehu farm firmly believes they have the responsibility to look after the well-being of the the workers and the natural environment. With the use of organic and Rain Forest Alliance premiums, the organization has been able to invest in housing, schooling, health centers, and clean water supplies for farmers and their families. They have also invested in their own facilities to improve working conditions for their employees.

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