Costa Rica Sonora "Colorado" Black Honey

$ 18.00
  • 12oz Bag

    Type: Arabica

    Varieties: Caturra

    Processing: Black Honey

    Region: Sonora

    Growing Altitude: 1700m-1800m

  • Tangerine, Juicy, Buttery

  • From the Farmers Roberto and Daniel Carranza Dada: "In Alajuela, between the Poas and Barva volcanoes, rests our fertile farm, Colorado Springs. The property was acquired in the 1960s and has been a family business operation since then, now operated by the third generation. The property is composed of 50 hectares of which we have a mix of produce between coffee and limes. Originally the farm was bought to produce milk and over the years we have made changes in production, first to limes and then to coffee. Currently, 20% is dedicated to coffee production, specialized in the Caturra variety and a small plantation of Geisha. Limes compose another 20% of the land and the 60% remaining is currently is preserved as forest. The coffee plantation has been spectacular in production and quality and we want to specialize in coffee, slowly harvesting more each year and increasing our production so we can achieve in the following years a mix of 75% of coffee production and a 25% of forest preservation. The volcanic soils, the abundance of water from our river, and our 1700-1800m altitude, make a great fertile land mix. We are anxious in testing different coffee varieties and intend to specialize in harvesting high-quality coffee beans. Our strategic partnership with Sonora Coffee has enabled us to export great quality coffee beans so great quality coffee cups can be available worldwide. With passion, hard work, and our farming experience we work every day with this project of quality coffee specialization as our top priority."