$ 19.00

12oz Bag

Type: Arabica

Varieties: Bourbon

Processing: Washed

Region: Kayanza Provence

Growing Altitude: 1700m


Honeydew, Apricot, Citrus


You have to cross over three rivers and pass by two province borders to reach Bumba hill. The farming communities that call Bumba home are far beyond the reach of clean drinking water and electricity. Coffee is the most important crop grown on the hill, closely competing with corn and beans. Step closer to the center of the hill and you’ll find a local market where people sell baskets full of freshly harvested crops and trade other household essentials. Only one primary school stands tall on Bumba hill.

The Bumba Hill is part of the Long Miles Project who create traceable micro-lots that yield consistently great coffees while improving the livelihoods of the small holding farmers who grow them. The three ways they work to do this are giving the farmers who grow coffee on the eleven hills they work with year-round agricultural assistance through one of their twenty-six Long Miles Coffee Scouts who are all well trained junior agronomists. They pay higher prices for coffee cherries as well as annual premiums and they strengthen relationships between roaster and farmer so that if you want, you can serve coffee from a specific hill year after year.