Colombia "Tolima Famillia Enciso"

$ 20.00

12oz Bag

Type: Arabica

Varieties: Caturra, San Bernardo

Processing: Washed

Region: Gaitania, Planadas, Tolima 

Growing Altitude: 1800 - 1900m

Tasting Notes

Plum, Maple Syrup, Chocolatey body


The extended Encico family pushes into over 75 individuals, almost all of whom grow coffee in the surrounding area. In 2017, after 15 years as coffee producers, the family came together to set up a small community wet-mill on their farm ‘Roma’, purchasing parchment and cherries from neighboring farms. The area has many local indigenous farmers from the Nasa tribe who also deliver coffee to the wet mill at Finca Roma. The younger generation of the Enciso family has focused on strict processing and quality control, with three members of the family being licensed Q Graders. This attention to detail and quality really shows in the cup with great sweetness, clarity and complexity.

Gaitania is known for harvesting a lesser-known variety locally called San Bernardo, a natural dwarfed Typica mutation with bright acidity and rich chocolate notes. San Bernardo is likely very similar to the Pache cultivar that we source from Central America.