• Brazil Espírito Santo "Rancho Dantas"
  • Brazil Espírito Santo "Rancho Dantas"
  • Brazil Espírito Santo "Rancho Dantas"
  • Brazil Espírito Santo "Rancho Dantas"
  • Brazil Espírito Santo "Rancho Dantas"
James Coffee Co.
Brazil Espírito Santo "Rancho Dantas"
$ 18.00
  • 12oz Bag

    Type: Arabica

    Varieties: Red and yellow catuaí

    Processing: Washed

    Region: Espírito Santo 

    Growing Altitude: 900-1050m

  • Citrus, pomegranate, bright with a clean finish.

  • For their entire life working as coffee pickers in other properties, it was the family´s dream to own a piece of land. It was in 2013 when they were finally able to do it, however, there was not anything planted there at that time that could allow them any source of income, they had to put a lot of effort to finalize the property´s payment. Therefore, they had to continue working as pickers for other producers and gather some money. The first coffee trees were planted in 2004 and the house they live in 2009 only. In 2010 they´ve started pulping their coffees, doing it on the neighbor property, mixing all the coffee in just one lot, not caring exactly for quality. However, after many efforts of Bourbon team in Espirito Santo, and their willingness to learn and improve they started producing high quality coffees for real. In 2015 they invested in their own pulping machine, covered patios, mechanical dryers, and separate the lots regarding quality and tracking them throughout all the process, improving immensely their standards. In 2017 the family took the 5th and 6th place at Bourbon Quality Contest in Espirito Santo.

    Their soil is very rich in nutrients, and high level of organic matters. They constantly do soil analysis to make correct fertilization and soil correction. Nowadays they only do selective picking, choosing the ripe cherries, going through the same tree 3 to 4 times per crop. They also ferment the coffees for 12 hours before washing it. The family´s goal is to have their name recognized as producers of specialty and microlot coffees.

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