Aeropress How-To

Always wanted to learn how to make coffee with an Aeropress? Here's how!

What you'll need 


And here are the steps in more detail:

    1. We start with 210g of water at about 200F.
    2. Grind 14g of your preferred coffee at medium coarseness.
    3. Place ground coffee into chamber and tare your scale.
    4. Start your timer and begin to pour hot water until scale reads 210g.
    5. Give the coffee a quick stir.
    6. Place a paper filter into cap, rinse with hot water and place the cap on chamber.
    7. Let steep for 1min 45sec.
    8. Begin to plunge slowly and finish at 2min 15sec.
    9. Enjoy!

Change grind coarseness for stronger or softer flavors

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