James Coffee is an independently owned and operated company from Poway, California
that specializes in producing handcrafted artisan roasted coffee beans.

We offer a revolving assortment of distinctive single-origin beans as well as exclusive James Coffee crafted blends. Using modest production methods we are able to approach each individual roast as an opportunity to elevate and preserve our quality and taste.

Roasting is a pivotal waypoint on a coffee bean’s journey to creating a good cup of coffee, but even a skilled roaster cannot transform a bad coffee bean into a good one. That is why at James Coffee we begin our process with passionate farmers who scrutinize every raw bean and endeavor to perfect each crop they harvest.

We examine diverse locales and only source from farmers who are committed to supporting their community, providing healthy environments for their employees, and producing the highest quality coffee beans for us to roast.

From the diligent hand that picks the coffee cherry to the honed intuition of the roaster cultivating the bean, James Coffee strives to instill in you a confidence that the conclusion of your bean’s journey will be a fantastic cup of coffee.
-David James Kennedy



James Coffee has a revolving assortment of in season single origin offerings sourced from farmers supporting their community, providing a healthy environment for workers and producing top quality coffee beans for me to roast and pass on to you.




Every item is made at the shop or sourced to be quality made goods.


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